Among the most sustainable fishing methods in the world


The Cuisine & Ocean American lobsters benefit from the P.E.I. (Prince Edward Island) label of origin. The fishing methods are strictly regulated and respect the worldwide MSC sustainable fishing standard, ensuring that this sector is one of the most sustainable in the world.

To limit the impact on the ecosystem, various methods have been put in place :

  • Selective traps with biodegradable cords which avoid the fishing of young lobsters and limit the impact on the environment
  • A limited number of traps to reduce the danger of entanglement for marine mammals
  • Regulated fishing zones
  • A traceability program guaranteeing the legality of local fishing, during the regulated season and by registered fishermen

Our sustainability commitments and actions :

  • Creation of a recyclable eco-pack, made of 100% recycled materials, that ensures a 20% reduction of the carbon footprint linked to its transport
  • Guarantee products exempt from polyphosphates (E450/E451/E452) to preserve the lobsters